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Our Story

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What’s in a Name? Born in the Storm

Years ago, owners Dara and Adrian planted roots along a tidal creek on Daniel Island, SC. Every day, they relished all aspects of living on the water – from kayaking and relaxing by the firepit to braving the occasional hurricane that blows through.

It was during one of these storms and hearing “please evacuate if you live along a tidal creek” over and over again that the name “Tidal Creek Brewhouse” was born!

So, what’s a good brand name without an iconic symbol? Enter the fiddler crab!

If there’s any wildlife to be seen on a tidal creek, it’s definitely the fiddler crab. Dara and Adrian’s yard is teeming with hundreds of them – which provide hours of entertainment for Argus, their curious Doberman – and so it became the perfect symbol for Tidal Creek Brewhouse.

That’s why our iconic logo features the fiddler crab holding up hops – of course!